Lough Gur Fairy Trail

On May Eve, Saturday April 30th 2016 the fairies will arrive in Lough Gur. They are setting up their new home outside the front entrance of the Heritage Centre overlooking the lake. Up 110 steps leading to the viewing point you will find more of their abodes. Can you find them all? Join us in Lough Gur from April 30th to see the wander and wonder at the natural home place for the Lough Gur fairies.

Lough Gur is home to Fer Fí, the King of the Fairies who lives in Lough Gur. The site is a mythical magical place than can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Read on below to learn all about this supernatural figure that roams the landscape of Lough Gur.

Now, do you know the hill of Knockfennell? Well it is a hollow hill and very dangerous inside, for according to local people it is inhabited by Fer Fi, the King of the Fairies.

Now Fer Fi carries a harp and with it he plays three forms of music – the Geantraighe, Goltraighe and Suantraighe.

The Geantraighe is happy music, while the Goltraighe involves lamentation and sadness. And the Suantraighe is sleep-music or death-music. 

Well if a person was sick, tradition has it that they would go up to Knockfennell on the night of a full moon. If they heard Fer Fi’s happy music: the Geantraighe, they knew they were cured.

And if they heard his sad music, the Goltraighe, well they knew they were not cured and the very next morning their people would take them to the doctors for treatment.

And if, after spending time on Knockfennell under the light of a full moon, they heard Suantraighe, well! There was much sorrow in that family, for that music was the sound of death approaching.

They say the Suantraighe is the sweetest tune of all, and that anyone who hears it falls into a trance with its beauty. But ‘tis a sleep from which no mortal man or woman will ever awake.

And that is the story of the music of Fer Fi, the King of the Fairies who lived in Knockfennell.” 

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