Science Week in Lough Gur

To celebrate science week Lough Gur will hold a special Space Settlement Design Workshop led by Dr. Norah Patten from the University of Limerick on November 11th. The event is suitable for primary school students. The workshop is free however pre booking is essential. Please phone 061 385186 to book your place today.

Space Settlement Design Workshop

Why do we explore? For as long as we can look back into history, humans have been fascinated with travel and exploration and today is no exception. As we speak, there is an International Space Station whirling around the Earth with astronauts living inside. These astronauts spend months at a time living in space. They need to brush their teeth, wash their hair and prepare their food. But what does a space station look like?

In this workshop, we will explore various habitat designs and learn a little about the space environment. Students will then work in teams to design their own space habitat. What will the habitat look like? How many people live inside? How long will we stay in space? What do we need to take from Earth with us? We need to keep exploring and progressing our scientific and technological efforts to ensure the survival of the human species. This workshop is aimed to inspire students to think of what life would be like living off planet Earth.

Date: Tuesday November 11th

Time: 09.30 – 12.30

Venue: Honey Fitz Theatre,

About the workshop leader:

Dr. Norah Patten:

– Communications and Outreach Manager for the Irish Centre for Composites Research. Coordinated The Only Way is Up project which put the first Irish secondary school experiment onto the ISS in July 2014

– Adjunct Faculty at International Space University (ISU)

– Co – Chair of Space Humanities Department for the Space Studies Program 2015 at ISU

– Space Generation Advisory Council National Contact Point in Ireland


Follow Norah on: Facebook: Irelands First Astronaut       Twitter: @SpaceNorah




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