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Our Resident Wildlife

Like any natural bog and woodland area Lough Gur is home to many special of mammals. It is likely due to the habitat available that such species include brown rat, grey squirrel, rabbit, fox, hare, mink, stoat, pygmy shrew, bank vole, house mouse and field mouse make their homes and feeding grounds in and around Lough Gur.  At Lough Gur we strive to protect every aspect of the natural habitat for our resident creatures. This requires careful planning of walkways, planting and removal of vegetation and management of public areas to minimise impact on the natural wildlife.

There is much more to the Dark Sky Project

While the Dark Sky project started as an archeoastronomy project it quickly became apparent that the impact of artificial light in the area can also tip the delicate balance of our local eco-system. Any changes in night lighting would have an impact on insect populations, immediately impacting fish and small mammals which feed on them. As such impact would quickly make it’s way to the remainder of the food change and local indigenous species. As such, a key goal of the Dark Skies project is not only to protect the skies overhead but also the species which roam below.

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