Lough Gur Native Tree Trail & Fairy Trail 


There are 22 native tree species in Ireland and Lough Gur is working to ensure that all varieties are planted for prosperity within the grounds.To celebrate our natural heritage all 22 native tree species were identified and plotted to form part of a new tree trail. Where there is nature there is of course an abundance of fairies. Lough Gur in particular is home to a great number and it is reported that the King of the fairies lives in the hill of Knockadoon. He is known as Fer Fí and to be sure that we stay on his good side you will find a purpose built fairy throne outside the front entrance to the Lough Gur Heritage Centre. A miniature castle is also in place their for Aine who is Queen of the fairies.

More information on the Lough Gur Tree Trail: 

The area of Lough Gur has a rich archaeological and historical past. Surrounding this exceptional heritage is the extreme and unspoilt beauty of the surrounding landscape. As a proposed National Heritage Area, Lough Gur is deemed nationally important and protected under the Wildlife Act.

Lough Gur is botanically rich and has a magnificent variety of wetland and woodland creatures who make Lough Gur their home throughout the year. The relationship between archaeology and nature are intrinsically tied as the first settlers to the area over 6,000 years ago chose Lough Gur for its abundant wildlife and awe inspiring beauty. The protective hills at of Knockadoon and Knockfennel at each side of the lake also provide protection against the elements.

The new nature trail in Lough Gur will see children eco hunting around the grounds to spot tree species, insects and wildlife with a fun activity sheet developed by artist Gemma O’ Mahony and tree expert Brian Collopy. The sheets will be available from the Lough Gur Heritage Centre as part of the exhibition tour that brings the tour of Lough Gur from the inside out. The newly developed Nature Trail is suitable for all levels from 4 to 12 years and is designed to develop a greater appreciation for the magnificent landscape that often goes unnoticed.

As a Discover Primary Maths and Science Site through Science Foundation Ireland Lough Gur works with a number of primary schools to interpret the Lough Gur under the microscope in terms of environmental exploration and learning. This new adventure into the world of nature trails is one step further for Lough Gur Development on their quest to bring recognition to the area for its many marvellous attributions.

Contact: [email protected] or Lough Gur Heritage Centre on 061 385186 for further information.